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So the latest free antivirus programs are Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials.

I've had several people get infected with malware this year and some of the infections changed things so that malware removal programs like Malwarebytes wouldn't run.

I had to download the anti-virus program on another computer and transfer it to the infected computer with a USB drive. I also had to rename the anti-virus program so that the virus wouldn't recognize the name and prevent the program from running.

And lastly, I started the infected computer in Safe Mode so that the anti virus program could run. You can start your Windows machine in Safe Mode by pressing and holding F8 when you turn it on, before you see the Windows logo.

After I used Malwarebytes to disinfect the computers, I went to and used their free online scanner to thouroghly check the infected computers to make sure all the bad stuff was gone. It's always a good idea to use multiple virus scanners to make sure you got it all.

Be sure to set Eset's Nod32 to notify and not remove/clean. This is because they will sometimes remove things that weren't virii. The free online version doesn't have a Quarantine area from which you can restore files that were mistakenly identified as virii.

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