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How to Make Your Site Stand Out

Here are a few ideas and questions I've thought of and collected over the years. These are the most important things to bear in mind when building a Web site.

People use the Web to spend time or save time. They look for entertainment or something useful. Your Web site should provide opportunities for people to do both.

Users come to your site with a Mission. What is it?

To interact with you; with your company. That interaction can be a lot of different things: reading something you wrote, communicating with you or your rep, or buying stuff from you.

How do you want to interact with your visitors...your community?

Who will your visitors be?

What goods and services will you provide? What will you offer that has value?

Start collecting email addresses from Everyone! Tell them you are making a web site and ask them if they would like to see it when you are done. Your core group of customers will always come from people you know. If they know you then they will be more interested in going to your web site, auction, buying products you recommend or whatever.



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