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How to Make Money With a Web Site-101 Part 2: Tips for selling your professional service on the Web

Let’s continue our discussion of revenue models on the Internet. We’ll start out with selling services because it is simplest in some ways. This is the sort of Web site a personal coach, accountant, marketing consultant, wedding planner, landscaper or photographer might use.

Most professional service Web sites get caught up in detailing the services they offer or the process they use. These things are important to your Web visitors but only AFTER you have their full attention.

Here are some guidelines for selling your services with your home page.

Who do you love?
The first thing you need to put on your page is a description of who you work with. Be as specific as possible. This gets their attention because they say, “Oh, that’s me.”

What’s your problem?
Next thing you need to do is show this target audience that you feel their pain. List a few of the common obstacles your clients face, or perennial issues they have to deal with. If you can hit the nail on the head here, you will have a very interested reader on your hands.

What do you want?
Then give them a little tease showing that you know how to fix their problem or manage that particular issue. Stimulate their desire by showing them that salvation is at hand.

Here it is, come and get it.
Tell the target audience what to do to get started, what’s the very next step. Call you? Download your $5 report? Make it easy to take the next step and make sure you are easy to contact.

Just who do you think you are?
You also need to establish your credibility. You can do this with your credentials, your years in business, or case studies of successful projects.

After you have taken care of these topics, DO go into great detail about your services and how you work. But as you are writing, always think in terms of problems, solutions and next steps to get started.

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