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The Fake Anti Virus Programs Run Wild

I've had several people get infected with Fake Alert virii this year.

These malwares tell you that your computer is infected and pop up tons of boxes showing scanning taking place and warning you that Internet Explorer is infected and Firefox is infected and that DOOM is approaching unless you pay them $50 to make the messages go away.

I got infected with this malware twice while searching Google for images for a client project.

The way it worked was that there was a box that appeared in the middle of my screen telling me I might be infected.

The first time, I clicked the X on the box to close it, and then malware files got transferred to my computer. So, key here, if you see a warning like this. DON'T CLICK ANYTHING.

The second time it happened, I just used Task Manager (ctrl+shift+esc) to end the browser process. This time, NO virus files made it onto my computer.

Even the first time, there were warning from Windows UAC asking me if I wanted to run the file (NO!!!!)

So the real danger is clicking on buttons without reading what you are clicking.

This Fake Alert virus can make a real mess of your computer. It disables your anti-virus program. It keeps you from being able to browse the internet, it keeps you from running the control panel, or msconfig. It can run all your internet traffic through a foreign proxy. It keeps you from running or installing and anti-virus program. It's nasty.

Luckily booting into Safe Mode (F8 at startup) and running MalwareBytes has worked to disable most of the virus functions in the infections I have treated. Then you have to scan again with another anti-virus. Then clean up all the messes that the Fake Alert Virus created like setting your internet connection back to not using a proxy.

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