9/23/98 6:32 PM Pillar H. little Bull snake.

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This little snake cruising down the road was the closest I came to seeing a Rattlesnake, but he made me jump all the same. I took this photo in the evening after standing in Pillar H mud for three hours picking through slime, looking for dragonfly larvae. The lake is filled with great quantities of slimy filamentous algae with little red worms crawling all through it. Occasionally we'd find a huge white Horsefly larvae and I'd wish I hadn't volunteered to help Amy clean out her pens.

While standing, slowly sinking into the mud, we heard a sound like rushing wind and looked up to see a flock of birds passing overhead. I've never heard a sound quite like that before. When a Northern Harrier flew by, the little shorebird that lives here rose up crying and flew away.